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The objective of this website is to motivate and help others to expose Public Service & Local Government Ombudsmen to public scrutiny. For example Local Government Ombudsmen find and report 100 times less maladministration than the Parliamentary Ombudsman (Substantially less as far as the York LGO is concerned).

The system of administrative justice in this country is so bad that in 2008 the odds of obtaining a finding of maladministration from one of the three Local Government Ombudsmen is, Tony Redmond, London Office 0.7% (odds = 142 to 1). Jerry White, Coventry Office, (odds = 45 to 1). Anne Seex, York Office 0.1% (odds = 1000 to 1). [Tony Redmond and Jerry White have since retired.]

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We are not the  Parliamentary or Local Government Ombudsman  and we do not investigate complaints. However, if you want the truth about Public Services and Local Government Ombudsmen visit our new site.


Unfortunately we cannot get involved in individual cases. If you need help then please check out the Ombudsman Watchers Resource Centre links page. Or ask for help on a public forum. We are not responsible for any information provided by the sites we link to and are not connected with any public forum.


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Sick and tired of trying to get your point across to biased and unaccountable Ombudsmen? Then help us expose them now! Write an article, a case study using your own experience of Ombudsmen or a simple letter telling the world what you think of Public Service or Local Government Ombudsmen.